Lori Neale



Lori Neale served as a Jesuit Volunteer in San Diego (1995-1996) and Cleveland (1996-1997), and as a Romero House intern in Toronto (1997-1998). These experiences were extremely formative in charting her course in the world. After completing her Master’s in Education in Community Development and Adult Education, Lori worked with Development and Peace as regional animator and national youth programs officer. Currently, Lori is the national coordinator of the Canadian Catholic Campus Ministry and Canadian Catholic Students’ Association. Currently, she served as project coordinator for CESBA, the provincial association of school boards who deliver Adult and Continuing Education.  When she is not working, Lori enjoys biking around Toronto and hosting fabulous potlucks in the intentional community of Rutilio Grande House where she lives with her husband and daughter. Lori is thrilled to be part of launching the new JVC. Woo Hoo!

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