What does it mean to be a Volunteer?
What is a Jesuit Volunteer?

Wanting to activate a faith that does justice, Jesuit Volunteers work with Jesuits to promote peace and reconciliation within the three interpenetrating spheres of reality: the anthropological, the ecological, and the theological. JV’s commit themselves to a year or more of service, simplicity and spiritual exploration all within a community providing both stimulus and support. With generosity, intelligence and hope, JV’s apply themselves to the complex challenges of our day.

What do JVs do?

Jesuit Volunteers serve in many different ways depending on the needs of the community and the skills of the JV. Current opportunities may include facilitating native-non native cross cultural experiences with schools, developing youth programs, doing community development and social analysis, and promoting and carrying out ecological practices. Jesuit Volunteers begin their service in the fall, and receive a small stipend as well as room & board during the program.

Where would I be as a JV?

JVC offers full-time work placements in Toronto, Regina, and northern Ontario (Espanola). For more information please visit our page about JVC placements.

Can I be a JV?

You would make a good JV, if you:

  • are twenty years or older;
  • have one year to contribute to building a more just and peaceful world;
  • desire to live and work in a community rooted in faith and service;
  • can recognize both your strengths and your weaknesses and want to grow;
  • are self-motivated and collaborative.
I am concerned about a career. How can a JVC experience contribute to your professional growth?

Each JVC placement offers unique, relevant work experience and transferable skills, including project management, leadership building and conflict resolution. Placements exist in diverse employment fields, including education, social work, environmental and advocacy. JVC helps to expand your network of potential employers. Being a JVC is a great opportunity to build your resume.

I am concerned about finances. How can JVC provide interim financial support?

As a charitable organization, volunteering with JVC allows you to postpone paying interest on your student debt.  As well at the end of your service year, JVC will award you an exit stipend.  Remember during the year, your room and board and a weekly stipend are covered. Visit our Getting Financial Support page

I am concerned about not going abroad. How can I have a culturally diverse experience with JVC?

JVC has a mix of placements in big cities and small towns allowing you to have a broad Canadian experience. You don’t have to travel to Africa, South America or Asia to experience different cultures and diverse living realities; you can  experience these serving your own country – working to fix our home… JVC has expertise in working with and integrating into First Nation communities providing you a uniquely Canadian experience.

Why volunteer with JVC?

Wanting a life-altering experience that lets you: live simply, go deeper, act for others and live in community, Jesuit Volunteers serve people in Canadian communities on the fringe to have a positive impact. Challenge yourself and find your place in this world.

What will I get out of being a JV?

Jesuit Volunteers are supported and mentored by a network of staff and other volunteers helping them through reflection, spiritual direction, site visits and retreats. Living in community and enjoying the benefits of mutual support and engaging interactions, JVs get to work alongside people, Jesuits included, who have a lifelong passion for social and eco action, and gain a year of work experience.

Who will I be as a JV?

Wanting to find for themselves a deeper connection with all earthly beings and the Divine, Jesuit Volunteers are living expressions of spirituality, communion, social justice, and simplicity.

What impact will I have as a JV?

All work placements are at grassroots organizations helping to make a difference in their local community or area of need. While at your work placement you will connect with people at the fringe of society to help provide programing or support. You will also develop friendships with the people that you work with and you will learn from each other. Sometimes these friendships can last long after your time at the work placement is done.

Do I need to be Catholic to apply?

JVC welcomes people from all faith backgrounds, practices, and experiences. JVC does require that whatever your religious background you arrive open to trying and experiencing Ignatian Spirituality and letting your faith life grow through your experiences with the poor. You will be expected to participate in faith-based activities such as attending mass, communal prayer, and faith sharing.

What is a Jesuit?

Jesuits belong to the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic order of priests and brothers founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1540. Today Jesuits around the world work for social and ecological justice through spiritual and intellectual engagement with contemporary cultures of diverse religions and ethnicities.