“You should join JVC because it teaches you about what it means to be a human being. You get the opportunity to open yourself up to the people you serve, which means being vulnerable, but the relationships formed and the lessons learned make it all worthwhile. You deepen your understanding of God when you work with the less fortunate and in a place where you work to love the people that you serve.”

Andrea Carandang Jesuit Volunteer, 2015

“Through JVC I was able to help provide much-needed services to highly marginalized communities.”

Ted Penton Jesuit Volunteer

“Through JVC I was introduced to a whole community of people who live out of the gospel in radical ways every day… and was inspired and welcomed”

Lori Neale Jesuit Volunteer

“JVC has changed me; I feel stronger. I can think more clearly, and with greater confidence in what my experience has taught me.”

Justin Dittrick Jesuit Volunteer


“The presence of a JV at MTMS gave our students an opportunity to witness a living example of what it really means to be “Men and Women for Others”. The JV is another caring adult at MTMS to help all of our students grow spiritually, academically, socially and emotionally. In the short time that Andrea spent with us she became an integral part of our team and we would welcome the opportunity to engage with another JV in the future.”

Mother Theresa Middle School Regina


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