Interested in applying to be a JV?

Great! Here’s how you can get started:

1) Email or call (647) 331-7033 to request an application package

2) Complete the application, including questionnaires to be completed by 3 references

3) A short list of applicants will be contacted for interviews. Interviews will be completed in person whenever possible, though video conference calling may be necessary.

Deadline for first round of applications: March 15th

Interviews will take place in early April and candidates will be accepted into the program in April

Deadline for second round of applications: April 30th

Interviews will take place in May and candidates will be accepted into the program by early June

After April 30th, JVC will continue to accept and review applications if there are any remaining spots to be filled.

What is the difference between the two rounds?

JVC strongly encourages applicants to submit their completed package during the first round to ensure the best chance of being accepted into the program. Spots for the second round of applications may be limited due to acceptances given to strong first round candidates and returning JVs.

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