There are several advantages to having a Jesuit Volunteer work at your organization. JVs are bright, enthusiastic, young adults who are eager to contribute to your social justice work. They commit to full time hours at a relatively low cost. JVs also receive supplemental training and support in the areas of social justice, community, simple living, and spirituality. Furthermore, JVs have the opportunity to help your organization network through connecting with other organizations that host JVs.

Although there are several advantages to hosting a JV, there are other factors to consider. JVs do work for a lower cost, but they require more administrative support and involvement than would a traditional staff member. JVs also require flexibility to attend JVC programing such as retreats and community nights. You would consider the welfare and success of JVs in a way that is different than that of traditional staff.

Host organizations are considered a part of the JVC community and would be required to participate in the program from the time of orientation until the JV’s last day of work. To explore the option of hosting a JV please email  We are currently seeking placement opportunities in Toronto.